Privacy Policy

During registration, we require at least your e-mail address and location on the country level. Regarding the location of the group, we require at least the country in which it resides. E-mail addresses we use to notify you of substantial changes in COHOTO or technical messages. Giving other data such as name, picture, address the group, not mandatory. Only up to you whether you share them with other users.

Additionally, we maximize the use of open (Open Source) technology. That's why we use tools such as: Mantis (reporting tasks and errors), Matomo (web statistics and analysis), leafletjs and OpenStreetMap (displaying maps), making it less reliant on big corporations and minimize the transmission of the data about what you're doing. At the same time we support independent and open solutions.

    1. The administrator of personal information collected through the COHOTO, is:
      PlayeRom Roman Ludwicki
      ul. Męki Pańskiej 2A/7
      57-256 Bardo, Poland
      NIP: 8842387707
      REGON: 022243429
      phone: +48 667 671 017 (call rate standard price list your operator).
    2. The recipient of the data is the hosting company Kylos Sp. z o.o., ul. Wróblewskiego 18, 93-578 Łódź, Poland.
    3. The legal basis for data processing is your consent.
    4. Personal data is collected and processed to provide services in COHOTO and collected voluntarily from the persons concerned.
    5. Your personal information is protected by the Administrator of personal data against unauthorized disclosure, as well as from other cases of disclosure or loss before destruction or unauthorized modifications to the data and information through the use of appropriate security organization, as well as the security of a technical and programming.
    6. You have the right to inspect their personal data and the right to correct and remove. You can accomplish directly through COHOTO or by writing to the following address
    7. You can contact me by filling the contact form, which obligatorily enter your e-mail address, subject and content of the message you want to send. Giving the aforementioned personal data is essential that I answered the question or help solve a problem. These data are processed by me for the purpose and extent necessary to fulfill your request, and communicating with you.
    8. I never ask for your password to your account or other personal information. Any such requests may indicate an attempt to trick your data by unauthorized persons.
    9. I do not pass on any of your personal information with companies or third parties.
    10. You have the right to challenge me to the supervisory organ.
    11. I do not collect automatically any information, except information contained in cookies.
    1. COHOTO uses cookies.
    2. Cookies are some small information sent by websites that are automatically saved in your browser's mechanisms. Cookies typically contain the name of the website from which time keep them on the device and a unique number.
    3. I put and have access to cookies on your device through COHOTO.
    4. Cookies used in COHOTO do not store your personal information.
    5. Cookies are used for the following purposes:
      1. crate statistics that help understand how you are using COHOTO;
      2. maintaining your session (after logging in), so you do not have on every page on COHOTO to retype your login and password;
      3. remember to enable the chosen settings and personalization of the interface, eg. in terms of the language or appearance of the panel.
    6. In COHOTO are using two basic types of cookies: "session" and "persistent". "Session cookies" are temporary files that are stored on your device to end until you log out, leaving the website or disable web browser. "Persistent cookies" are stored on your end device for the time specified in the parameters of cookies or until you delete them yourself.
    7. Web browsers usually default, allow storage of cookies on your end device. You can always change this settings: web browser allows to delete cookies and also it is possible to automatically lock the cookies. For details, refer to the help or documentation of web browser.
    8. Restrictions on the use of cookies may affect some of the functionality available in COHOTO.

Cookies used in COHOTO

Session cookies
CohousingToolsUser session.
keepmeloggedin2Information on remembering the user's session ("remember me" option when logging in).
Functional cookies created by COHOTO.
CookiesAcceptedA flag informing that you have accepted cookies on the COHOTO website.
EnterSendMsgInformation whether on the private message page the enter key sends a message.
lngIt stores information in which language the COHOTO service should be presented.
MsgsMainCountThe amount of unread new private messages.
ShowFiltersInformation whether options with filters in individual subpages should be shown or hidden.
dashboard-id_colArranging windows in a panel in a given group.
Matomo (PIWIK) cookies

I use Matomo tool for traffic analysis which helps me to improve the quality of the website.

Through Matomo, I process:

  • your IP address, but incomplete, because the last digit has been irreversibly deleted,
  • type of internet browser with its version,
  • the operating system you use,
  • device type like a smartphone or a computer,
  • the resolution of your screen.
  • date and time of page visits,
  • your country and region,
  • your browser's language,
  • information contained in "User Agent" of browser.

Cookies are stored in the browser for 13 months. This data is processed only by me and the hosting service provider Kylos Sp. z o.o., ul. Wróblewskiego 18, 93-578 Łódź, Poland.

You can disable Matomo by rejecting cookies. In addition, I respect your "do not track" preferences, which you can set in the options of your web browser. Then your data will not go to Matomo.

piwik_authCookie of Matomo (PIWIK) analytical platform
PIWIK_SESSIDCookie of Matomo (PIWIK) analytical platform
_pk_idCookie of Matomo (PIWIK) analytical platform
_pk_refCookie of Matomo (PIWIK) analytical platform
_pk_cvarCookie of Matomo (PIWIK) analytical platform
_pk_sesCookie of Matomo (PIWIK) analytical platform
Ciasteczka Vimeo

If someone includes, for example in the forum, a video from the platform, then COHOTO will embed such video as playable. Then it also means storing cookies delivered from

    1. Information about some of your behaviors are subject to log into the server layer. Browse resources are identified by URLs. In addition notation may be:
      1. date of request,
      2. time to send a reply,
      3. name your station - identification performed by the HTTP protocol,
      4. information about errors that occurred in the implementation of the HTTP transaction.
      5. URL of the page you previously visited (referrer link) - where the transition to COHOTO followed by a link,
      6. information about your web browser.
      7. Information about your public IP address.
    2. These data are not associated with individual persons.
    3. These data are used only for server administration.
    1. If you delete your account from COHOTO, your personal data, the image profile, preferences, private messages, comments, information groups, such as messages on whiteboard and group forum, comments on planned purchases will be removed immediately.
    2. Private messages, older than one year are automatically deleted.
    3. Posts on the public forum will not be deleted, even if you delete your account. They will be listed as anonymous.
    1. COHOTO automatically determines your geolocation, only at the country level by checking your public IP. This is used only to automatically select the country in some forms for your convenience, that you do not have to manually search through the entire list of countries.
    2. COHOTO otherwise does not track your geolocation, whether in an accurate manner, whether permanent, real-time nor collects information about your geolocation.
    1. COHOTO respects your preferences "do not track" that you can set in the settings of your web browser.