Ecovillage Designed Education

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A four-week comprehensive course in the fundamentals of Sustainability Design.

Curriculum conceived and designed by the GEESE—Global Ecovillage Educators for a Sustainable Earth
Published by Gaia Education 2012


The Sustainability Wheel
Why is Gaia Education necessary?

Worldview Overview
Module 1: Holistic Worldview
Module 2: Reconnecting with Nature
Module 3: Transformation of Consciousness
Module 4: Personal Health and Planetary Health
Module 5: Socially Engaged Spirituality

Social Overview 
Module 1: Building Community & Embracing Diversity 
Module 2: Communication Skills: Conflict, Facilitation, and Decision making
Module 3: Leadership and Empowerment
Module 4: Art, Ritual and Social Transformation 
Module 5: Education, Personal Networks and Activism 

Economic Overview 
Module 1: Shifting the Global Economy to Sustainability
Module 2: Right Livelihood
Module 3: Local Economies
Module 4: Community Banks and Currencies
Module 5: Legal and Financial Issues

Ecological Overview
Module 1: Green Building & Retrofitting 
Module 2: Local Food; Nutrient Cycles
Module 3: Water, Energy and Infrastructure 
Module 4: Restoring Nature, Urban Regeneration and Rebuilding after Disasters 
Module 5: Whole Systems Approach to Design

The Living and Learning Pedagogy
Adapting EDE to Local Needs